Rivelata la lista degli obiettivi di Rambo: The Video Game

Il sito "xboxachievements.com" ha pubblicato oggi la lista degli achievements  di Rambo: The Video Game:

- Prologue: 2 stars on Prologue
- Jail Escape: 2 stars on Jail Escape
- Forrest Hunt: 2 stars on Forrest Hunt
- Hope Demolition: 2 stars on Hope Demolition
- First Blood Complete: 3 stars on all CHAPTER 1 Levels
- POW Camp: 2 stars on POW Camp
- River Run: 2 stars on River Run
- Escape from Interrogation: 2 stars on Escape from Interrogation
- Deep Jungle: 2 stars on Deep Jungle
- Village Encounter: 2 stars on Village Encounter
- The Waterfall: 2 stars on The Waterfall
- P.O.W. Evacuation: 2 stars on P.O.W. Evacuation
- First Blood Part II Complete: 3 stars on all CHAPTER 2 Levels
- Afghan Camp: 2 stars on Afghan Camp
- The Fort: 2 stars on The Fort
- The Fort 2nd attempt: 2 stars on The Fort 2nd attempt
- Cave Encounter: 2 stars on Cave Encounter
- Final Battle : 2 stars on The Final Battle
- Rambo III Complete: 3 stars on all CHAPTER 3 Levels
- War you won't believe: 15x Score Multiplier on any level
- Become War to survive a War: 20 kill per minute ratio on any level
- Your worst nightmare: 10 chain kill combo on any level
- I'm the last one, Sir: 3000 kills in total
- Good supply of body bags: 2000 headshots in total
- God didn: Reach Rank 20
- God would have mercy: Reload Combo of 100 on any level
- My War is Over: Complete story mode on Green Beret difficulty

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