L’ultima patch di No Man’s Sky introduce battaglie spaziali più grandi

Hello Games ha finalmente fornito il changelog dell’ultima patch di No Man’s Sky, la 1.13, per PC e PS4.

Tra le novità di maggior rilievo troviamo l’introduzione di battaglie spaziali più grandi e coinvolgenti, il cui esito d’ora in avanti non sarà più scontato come in passato.

Diamo un’occhiata alla lista completa dei cambiamenti apportati:

  • Fixed a bug that would make the player character small.
  • Space battles will now vary in size more and players should see bigger battles.
  • Fixed the instantaneous death loop that could occur in survival mode if you saved with one health and no hazard protection. You will still be on the verge of death when you load in, but it won’t happen instantaneously.
  • Fix for steam controller not being able to warp.
  • Removed up, down, left, right as quick menu navigation keys to allow left handed players to move while using the quick menu.
  • Page Up and Page down can now be used to navigate up and down in the quick menu.
  • Removed duplicated planets from discoveries menu.
  • Fixed an issue with redeeming promo ships in survival, which would result in the ship being spawned above the ground.
  • Fix for missing ruins underwater which could cause missions to point to nothing.
  • Added ladder climbing sounds.
  • Fixed base building prop sounds not playing when placed inside a Freighter.
  • Added sound effect for calling Freighters.
  • Added sound effect when using communication stations.
  • Fixed an issue which could affect ambient sound in Freighters.
  • Changed the sound effect when using the Terminus Teleporter.
  • Fixed some rare crashes.
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